Ceps of the carpathian mountains
Boletus Edulis (Carpates)

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Latin name
Boletus Edulis (Carpates)
40 g dry = ±600 g fresh
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What we were able to collect,is what the bear left over

There are signs that never lie. Deep and dark forests, old people sitting at the outskirts of lively villages, growling bears, howling of wolves and an array of vigorous ceps. Transylvania, with its natural parks and its ecological integrity, could not escape from Supersec.

Rehydrate the mushrooms for about 10 minutes in lukewarm water or directly in the pan with a glass of water or stock and a knob of butter. Cook over medium heat, covered (5 minutes), then over low heat, uncovered (10 minutes), until they have gained back their smoothness and lightly colored. If needed, add some liquid while cooking.



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