Poplar mushroom
Agrocybe Aegerita

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Latin name
Agrocybe Aegerita
40 g dry = ±650 g fresh
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Known to ancient Greeks , even young ones

Gregarious Mushroom of a velvet tan, already known to the ancient Greeks for its gastronomic qualities. Mostly found in southern Europe, it is still the subject of a traditional culture in Provence, under the name of pivoulade. It has become very rare in its natural environment, yet the one that we present here  is exclusively wild, collected from April to November in the natural park of Pindos (Western Macedonia), northwest of Mount Olympus.

Rehydrate 20 minutes in water, or cook them directly in the pan with a little butter and 5 cups water or stock. Let cook 10 minutes over low heat, adding a little water if it is needed during cooking. The feet of these fungi are naturally more crunchy, and should be rehydrated seperately.


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