Fire Morels
Morchella Esculenta

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Latin name
Morchella Esculenta
20 g dry = ±350 g fresh
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Extreme spores

Morels harvested from burned sites of wildfire (lightning) in wild Gaspe (Canada). So, what  does it take for this kind of expedition?
A radio tunned in the fire brigade station. A little patience. A decent map. A seaplane. A lake of at least 1.5 km long to land it on. Dogs to keep the bears away. A fishing rod. A camping aide. And two weeks ahead of you. And there you go !

Rehydrate the mushrooms  for 30 minutes. Squeeze them gently. Cook them,  covered, 5 minutes in a little of their soaking water, adding if desired a little wine and a little butter. Uncover and continue cooking over low heat for around  ten minutes more, until the liquid has almost completely evaporated.


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