Fruit pulp loops
Fructus Licio

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Latin name
Fructus Licio
Baltic States
40 g dry = ±450 g fresh
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Do not keep out of reach of children

Fruit pulp loops
Organic, gluten free dairy free, without flour

The fruit leathers are a more refined version of the traditional Mediterranean fruit leather : a raw dehydrated fruit purée which, dried, becomes like a supple and thin leather.

It is because of the particular Baltic region, where the fruits are gathered and transformed, that the fruit leathers are so concentrated, sour and exquisite in taste.


Ingredients: 85% fruit* (apple*, strawberries*, raspberries*, black currants*…), apple juice* 13%, honey* 1%, raw cane sugar* 1%, cinnamon* 0,05%, cardamom* 0,01% (*certified organic).


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